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Hampton-Alexander Review – 2019 Report Press Release November 2019
Strongest year of progress since targets were first set in 2011. FTSE 100 on track to reach the 33% target for women on boards ahead of the 2020 deadline. FTSE 250 made strong gains during the year and with sustained effort, will also meet the 2020 deadline.
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Hampton-Alexander Review – Mid Year Press Release July 2019
32.1% of FTSE 100 board positions are held by women, up from 12.5% in 2011. Meanwhile in the FTSE 250, figures have jumped from 24.9% to 27.5%.
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Hampton-Alexander Review – Mid Year Press Release June 2018
More women than ever before are on the boards of the UK’s largest companies but they still have some way to go to meet the target of 33% women by 2020, according to new data revealed today (27 June) to mark the halfway point of Government backed review
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Hampton-Alexander Review – May 2018 Press Release
Despite a major drop in the number of top companies with all-male boards, many are still refusing to move with the times – and some of the worst explanations firms have made for not having women among their top employees have been revealed today (Thursday 31 May)
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Hampton-Alexander Review – November 2017 Press release
FTSE 350 companies urged to fill senior positions with more women to make UK a world leader on gender diversity
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Hampton-Alexander Review – November 2016 Press Release
An independent review is pressing ahead with proposals to ensure talented women at the top of business are recognised, promoted and rewarded.